Our Roots



our roots

Many people ask where the name Mazi comes from. In fact, this very name stems from the roots of its creators. “Mazi” or “μαζί”  a Greek word that most aptly translates to “together”. This name stems all the way back to the roots of Mazi’s creator Peter Mantas and his strong Greek heritage. 

Throughout their life and travels, Mazi owners Peter Mantas and his partner Leslie Feingold have tasted ingredients from all over the world. With a passion for food, dining, and bringing people together, it seemed only natural they would bring Piri Piri to the United States to share with customers of their restaurant. While that restaurant has since closed, you can still taste the fire of Mazi.

Since 2001, mazi piri piri is still made by one man, two hands and no machinery involved. 





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